MacOS 下,brew 是一个常用的包安装工具

MacOS 常用命令

MacOS 常用命令同 GNU/Linux 发行版不太一样。

创建 dnsmasq 域名服务

gitlab runner 解析自定义域名有些问题,因此搭建一个 dnsmasq 服务.

在线画图工具 DrawIO

访问 可以使用在线版本画图。也是本地部署:

在容器里运行 nginx

在容器(Docker)中运行 nginx 常遇到一些“特别”的问题。

定期删除 ZFS Snapshot

ZFS Snapshot 非常方便,开销小。不过,对于备份数据来讲,创建 snapshot 的频率越高(比如1小时一次), 占用存储空间越大,因此定期删除非常重要。

MacOS 下安装 python3 & pip3


authz & authn

Authn primarily deals with user identity: who is this person? Is she who she says she is? There are a large number of systems that handle this “checkpoint” level of identity and access management and help to reduce the number of credentials that a user needs to provide, often through single sign-on (or SSO).

PostgreSQL 备份


SSH 登录出现 LC_CTYPE 错误

从 MacOS iTerm2 登录 CentOS 7 SSH Server , 出现如下错误:

cilium - API-aware Networking and Security Cilium: Helping Linux Secure Microservices