ZFS 之 raidz

好风 发表于 2016-11-19T11:14:39.638593Z

zfs 的 raidz 有3种类型

  • raidz 即 raidz1
  • raidz2
  • raidz3

注意 : 目前为止(2016年11月19日),raidz 组成的 VDEV 不能 add/remove 磁盘!

参考:How can I add one disk to an existing raidz zpool?

To quote Dan Naumov,

To reiterate, you cant just add a single disk drive to a raidz1 or raidz2 pool. This is a known limitation (you can check with SUN ZFS docs). If you have an existing raidz and you MUST increase that particular pool's storage capabilities, you have 3 options:

1) Add a raidz of the same configuration to the pool (think 3 disk raidz + 3 disk raidz or 5 + 5, for example)

2) Replace each (and every) disk in your raidz pool one by one, letting it resilver after inserting each upgraded disk

3) Backup your data, destroy your pool and create a new raidz pool with a bigger amount of disks.